Let your child choose the frames!

As long as they block 100% of UVA and UVB rays—let your kid pick their favorite. That way they’ll be more likely to wear them.

Don’t buy cheap sunglasses!

The cheap pairs from gas stations and other stores will scratch very quickly making it hard for your child to see. They will also stretch out and fall right off your kid’s face. This will become annoying and they will quit wearing them. Another reason is that they are probably not UVA/UVB protected and will not totally block the sun rays making your child squint and feel uncomfortable. A cheap pair of sunglasses actually causes more damage to your eyes because your pupils’ dilate letting in more light!

If possible – train your child to wear shades at a VERY young age!

We started putting sunglasses on our baby as a newborn. He has always worn shades outside and now reminds us when he doesn’t have them! 🙂 He loves wearing them and feels a lot more comfortable.

REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT! We always get the excuse that someone’s child refuses to wear shades. Well, just keep trying! It is your job as a parent to protect your child. Every time you go outside put the sunglasses on your kiddos, and if they take them off do it again. Eventually, they will give in and appreciate it!

Put the sunglasses on while they’re facing the sun!

Another tip is that if your child keeps throwing them off, face him/her toward the sun and then put the shades on…they will like the relief and keep them on!

Scratch-resistant and impact-resistant!

If your child falls, you don’t want his/her sunglasses to break! This is crucial, and will probably happen. If he/she has a cheap pair that breaks, they will be afraid to wear them again. That’s why both of these qualities really matter.

Try a hat and sunglasses!

For babies and small children, it might be harder to remove both. Put the hat on first and secure it under their chin, then add the sunglasses and distract them by doing something fun outside! Pretty soon – they’ll just go with the flow!