At Edge Optics we are passionate about supporting other local businesses and being eco-friendly. We work hard to incorporate recycled materials and eco-conscious practices into our business. We want to make a positive contribution to our community.

We offer several brands that use eco-friendly eyewear and/or production methods. Check out these links that provide useful information for choosing your next pair of ophthalmic frames or sunglasses!

is a brand by Modo Eyewear.This brand is AWESOME!! They make their products with 95% recycled materials and plant a tree for every frame purchased!! Isn’t this cool!?? They also follow environmentally sound practices in production and donate used frames to people in need. Check out this link to learn more:

ECO brand

ZEAL Optics
is a Boulder-based Colorado business that started with a few people and has grown significantly. Zeal offers the latest trends in sports and fashion frames, as well as goggles. Zeal works very hard to have a minimal impact on the environment in a creative way! They use plant-based materials in 100% of their frames! Instead of using crude oil, Zeal converts castor beans into an eco-clean resin to make the materials for their full line!


We also employ eco-friendly practices at our store! We have put years of planning into implementing local, recycled products into our design with our chosen furnishings, artwork, and construction. Here are some highlights of the cool actions we’ve taken to better our practice and the environment:

Large Wooden Displays

We are using pine-beetle kill for our large wooden displays. The wood is actually really brilliant with varying shades of blue and green from the beetle tracks. Our displays were repurposed to provide a positive purpose! These pine beetle kill furnishings were created by:
Ryan Schlaefer @
All of his work is manufactured locally in Loveland, CO.


Our tables and reception desk were built with reclaimed steel from the old Which Wich sandwich shop that was in the space before. We were trying to think of creative ways to utilize these materials that would otherwise be thrown away. They are also made from old bike parts! These awesome designed are by a local Fort Collins artist named:
Jared Cable of Whitney Cycling Designs.
He is a local metal designer that makes awesome art and useful furniture with repurposed materials.

Eco Design

We have one of a kind iron frame holders as well as other iron artwork throughout the store. These pieces were very important in the design of our space and were created with a lot of time and energy by:
John Micelli of Iron Works @

Local Artwork

We have also found some amazing local artists to do the cool pieces for our walls!
Amy Heyse @
Shane Pyles- Shane Pyles of Creations

Recycled Frames

We will also partner with the Lions Club to donate used frames for reuse to help people in need. And we will be contributing to “Project Vision” in Fort Collins.