Edge Optics offers several brands that use eco-friendly and eco-conscious eyewear and/or production methods because we know that it matters where we spend our money. By supporting brands that are aware of the environmental impact they have we can do our small part to keep the planet healthy for generations to come!


David Green Eyewear, Neubau, and Maui Jim/ ZEAL recycle their factory wastewater during production to minimize environmental impact.

eco has partnered with Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every frame sold – since 2009 they have planted over 2 million trees! This program also teaches local farmers about sustainable farming techniques, allowing them to build their own sustainable futures.

Neubau sponsors honey bee hives for the Honey Bee Conservatory in New York, among other projects such as upcycled art and urban gardens.


There are alternatives to petroleum-based plastics in the world!

  • Castor bean oil polymers – Neubau’s naturalPX & natural3D polymer frames and many Eco frames
  • Recycled water bottles – Neubau’s lens cleaning cloths & Dragon’s new Upcycled collection are made from FIVE recycled water bottles each!
  • Cotton-based acetate – Proof, RAEN, ZEAL, David Green
  • Recycled aluminum – Proof metal frames


Edge Optics also employs eco-friendly practices at our store! We have put years of planning into implementing local, recycled products into our design with our chosen furnishings, artwork, and construction. Here are some highlights of the cool actions we’ve taken to better our practice and the environment:

Beetle-kill Pine Displays

We are using beetle-kill pine for our large wooden displays. The wood is actually really brilliant with varying shades of blue and green from the beetle tracks. Our displays were repurposed to provide a positive purpose! These pine beetle kill furnishings were created by:
Ryan Schlaefer @
All of his work is manufactured locally in Loveland, CO.

Upcycled Office Furniture

Our tables and reception desk were built with reclaimed steel from the old Which Wich sandwich shop that was in the space before. We were trying to think of creative ways to utilize these materials that would otherwise be thrown away. They are also made from old bike parts! These awesome designs are by a local Fort Collins artist named: Jared Cable of Whitney Cycling Designs.  He is a local metal designer who makes awesome art and useful furniture with repurposed materials.

Supporting Local Artists

We have one-of-a-kind iron frame holders as well as other iron artwork throughout the store. These pieces were very important in the design of our space and were created with a lot of time and energy by:
John Micelli of Iron Works @ [email protected]

We have also found some amazing local artists to do the cool pieces for our walls!

Frame Donations

Edge Optics also partners with the Lions Club to donate used frames for reuse to help people in need. If you have old glasses that you can no longer use (still in good condition) please feel free to bring them by the store at any time!

Supporting Alternative Recycling Methods

Did you know that contact lenses (and the packaging they come in) are recyclable?! What about your Keurig K-cups? These are not recyclable in traditional recycling streams like you might find with your local trash or recycling company, BUT they are recyclable if you know where to send them! We have partnered with Terracycle to bring you both contact lens recycling (which is free for you to participate along with at home!) and to offer K-cup recycling at our coffee station in-clinic. Check out to see all of the other possible recycling streams that you or your company could join us in!