Outer Eye Iris Photography 

Discover the Beauty of Iris Photography at Edge Optics

The iris, the colorful part of the eye, is as unique as a fingerprint. Each iris boasts its own pattern and color, from rings to starbursts in shades of blue, green, brown, yellow, and even purple. At Edge Optics, we capture the breathtaking beauty of your iris with a super macro, edited photo.  Cherish this piece of art on its own or combine your iris photo with that of a loved one to create a unique print that captures your bond. You can even feature the whole family by combining all your irises into one stunning piece!

How It Started

Owner Mindy Bryant discovered the growing trend of iris photography while traveling abroad with her family. She was inspired by the joy people felt seeing a close-up of their iris and taking home custom art. Realizing this didn’t exist in Colorado, Mindy decided to bring this exciting new service to Edge Optics.
Experience the beauty and uniqueness of your iris with our exclusive iris photography at Edge Optics!


Edge Optics patients will get a discount and are encouraged to add this service to their eye exam if wanted!

Outer Eye Iris Photography options at Edge Optics


How to schedule with the photographer?? 

Call Edge Optics at 970-682-2627 and the front desk can assist you with making an appointment! You can also send a scheduling request online.

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Iris Photographs of our staff