Edge Optics is a hip, local Eye Care Clinic in downtown Fort Collins! We are right across from Washington’s, on Laporte Avenue. Our fresh eye care practice offers handpicked, chic eyeglasses, beautiful sunglasses, affordable goggles, and sport-specific products for any Colorado activity.  We have tried to pick as many unique brands as we can get our hands on that align with our values: eco-friendly, U.S. made or designed, and with a give-back philosophy or family-owned story.

We want to outfit our patients so they can truly embrace the Colorado lifestyle.

We also have elevated options for top-quality eye care, offering dry eye remedies, Lasik consultations, Cataract Consultations, Myopia Control and Retinal Imaging.

We also love catering to kids! Edge Optics has the coolest kids’ area in Fort Collins with 80’s videogames, rock climbing, and more! Dr. Bryant and Dr. Mitchell are both parents, so they are excellent at making kids comfortable with their eye exam experience. The eye examination will include a free toy for kids.

Dr. Bryant is an expert in fitting the most challenging contact lens wearers, and Dr. Mitchell is specialized in Myopia Management, which is a method to slow the progression of the RX over time.

Edge Optics has been around for over 11 years in Fort Collins, and we have ample experience serving the community. We enjoy connecting with our patients, like they are part of the Edgy family. We also give back to local businesses and charities and if you need a donation-please let us know! We are always here to help and want to see the success of Fort Collins continue to grow with a united effort.


Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm

Saturday: 10am-4pm

Sunday: Closed for family time and adventuring!

Edge Optics 
121 Laporte Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Old Town, Fort Collins
(970) 682-2627

Eye Exam Appointments Available 6 Days a Week!



Mindy Bryant
Owner & Problem Solver

Si Hablo Espanol

Mindy is a Colorado native from Denver and came to Fort Collins to attend CSU. She then studied abroad in Spain and came back to get a Masters in Educational Leadership at CSU. After teaching high school for a couple of years, she and Dr. B were expecting their oldest son and decided to start Edge Optics! Mindy has visited many countries but is always dreaming about the next adventure. She loves reading, the beach, hiking, and dancing while cooking. Mindy spends as much time outside as possible on the family farm; walking the dogs, feeding chickens, caring for goats, and chasing her two little boys with her husband, Dr. Bryant. These moments fill her heart with joy! Meeting and talking to people make Mindy the happiest….and she has a pair of sunglasses for every outfit. 


Kate Moore
Office Coordinator

Kate is another Colorado native from Colorado Springs and was brought to Fort Collins to attend CSU. Kate studied French and it reflects in her chic and clean style and professional poise. She enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and cuddling up on the couch for a good movie. Kate has experience assisting professors at the collegiate level and applies those organizational skills to helping us coordinate and maintain all patient files for the doctors and outside clinics. She is the constant cheery face at the front desk that will greet you upon entry, an expert in all things contact lenses, and the one keeping the docs in line!


Cae Allen
Front Office Associate & Optician

Cae is a Florida-born artist, poet, and photographer with a thirst for adventure. They left their hometown to explore the United States in 2018 and found a new home in Fort Collins in late 2020 after falling in love with Colorado. When they aren’t dedicating themselves to their creative passions, they can be found hiking the trails, haunting the local library, or hunting down cute, thrifted items to add to their collection! More than anything though, they love creating community and would love to help you find the perfect optical fit so you can walk away not only feeling like family but also with a boost of confidence in yourself and your passions.


Lead Billing + Ordering Specialist & Optician 

Angela is from the deep South. Alabama to be more accurate, y’all. A fair warning to you-she can whip out her lovely Southern accent to woo unsuspecting patients. If you hear the twang, you’re in trouble! Angie records audiobooks as a voice actress on the weekends. You can hear her voice in many different stories and meditations via Audible! Angela is an experienced Optician, and she has a degree in Medical Billing. She is the lead and organizer for all medical and optical billing and insurance. Angie also takes care of all patient orders and with extreme attention to detail, she can spot the tiniest of errors in the process. Angie is clutch for keeping this optical clinic running smoothly and answering any billing questions along the way! 


Shelley Weitzel
Optometric Technician & Office Mom

Shelley is another Colorado native that devotes much of her time to her extended family, and beautiful grandchildren. Shelley loves music, a crisp martini, country life, and learning new things. Shelley meets with a small group of family members and friends weekly to play card games. She is spunky, witty, and full of experience in various medical areas. She is the Goddess of optical tech and enjoys getting to know our wonderful patients. Shelley assists the doctors with providing excellent eye care and she will be the one greeting you to start your pre-testing process before your eye exam.


Alex Witt (Witty)
Optician and Inventory Specialist

We affectionately call Alex “Witty” as we have two Alex’s and this seems to fit Witty perfectly.  Alex Witt hails from Denver, CO, and is recently engaged to the love of his life. Together, they share over 150 plants and enjoy their life in Northern Colorado. Witty came to us with hefty managerial experience, and we were excited to see how quickly he could learn the skills and knowledge of Opticianry. Witty is sharp-witted (pun intended) and will be sure to brighten our day with his dry humor and positive outlook. He brings joy to the art of looking for glasses, and he is also a wiz at setting up our inventory projects and inputting all frames into the database. Witty will be your go-to for finding the perfect pair of glasses!


Floren Kahan
Optometric Assistant 

Floren is new to Optical but catching on quickly to how to place contact lens orders, help patients navigate their eye appointments, and get everything organized up front! Floren is also a technician for our pre-testing, and she assists the doctors with what they need for the full eye examinations. Floren is a CSU student taking a gap year, and she is excited to enter the workforce. Floren lives with several college roomies and she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and learning new things. Floren is happy to help you with whatever you need!


Trevor Quintanilla

Trevor moved here with his wife and adorable daughter not too long ago from Austin, TX. Trevor has been an Optician for 17 years and knows everything from cutting lenses to repairing glasses to finding the perfect pair of Progressives for his patients. Trevor has a knack for numbers and likes to stay involved with the goals of the business. As a dad, his weekends are busy entertaining his little girl and exploring Colorado. Trevor wakes up at 4 am to meditate, exercise, and clear his head for the day. He is a motivated Optician ready to style his patients in the best! Come meet him! 


Alex Rodenbeck
Optometric Technician/Sales

Alex was born in Englewood, Colorado, and grew up in Centennial. He grew up with two younger brothers, an older half-sister, and a dog. His personality and openness to new experiences and people shines bright! Competitive dance and gymnastics were his passions growing up. In high school, he started working in the optometry business as a technician. He fell in love with it and all its intricacies. Now he is a Sophomore at CSU majoring in Biology to become an Optometrist. In his free time, Alex loves listening to all types of music, watching movies, and hanging out with his friends. He is super excited to be welcomed as a part of the Edge Optics community, and picking up on our ways quickly!


Cameron is new to the team. Check back soon to learn more about them.

Will Maestas

Will is new to the team. Check back soon to learn more about him.


Eye Exams, Eyeglasses, Contacts, Goggles, Sunglasses… we have got you covered! Our business was founded in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2011 by a local husband/wife team, Dr. Mason and Mindy Bryant. The Edge was developed to provide individual attention to every patient at the eye clinic and to prepare our patients to “Live life with Edge” and embrace the Colorado lifestyle. Edge Optics offers fresh, innovative eye care and advanced technology in prescription and non-prescription glasses at low prices and with attention to detail! We also believe in environmental stewardship and provide eco-friendly eyeglasses and sunglasses. We implement environmentally friendly practices in our business, and seek to minimize our footprint.

Mason and Mindy take full advantage of the wonderful recreation available in the Rocky Mountains. As outdoor sports enthusiasts, they share a passion for being active and testing the best equipment to maximize their adventures.  Our specialized team of opticians and optometric technicians will provide the best, most personalized eye care service. Their fun-loving boys have inspired them to offer high-quality eyewear for kids as well! It is crucial that kids wear sunglasses outdoors and have affordable, protective frames for playing! Our team is eager to spread their enthusiasm for sports and fashion eyewear to patients of all ages and activity levels.

Dr. Mason Bryant started work as a technician in Optical laboratories in Tennessee over 18 years ago. He graduated from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee in 2003. After doing his internship in Colorado Springs, he fell in love with Colorado. Over the last 11 years, Dr. Bryant has strived to be the most honest and accurate provider of Optometric care in Fort Collins, Colorado. He also stays on top of the fashion trends and ensures his products are fresh and top-notch. Edge Optics is the coolest Eye Care clinic in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado.

SO, schedule your eye exam today! Swing by and check out the most unique eye care practice you’ve ever seen! Full of style and charm-our new office space in Old Town, Fort Collins, CO is one of a kind. We have a huge selection of glasses and sunglasses and we are constantly changing up our inventory to offer the best eyewear for Northern Colorado!

Come experience a new way to see and take your eyes on an adventure!