Edge Optics is a hip, local Eye Care Clinic in LoTown, Fort Collins! We are right across from CSU campus, and near Old Town on College and Laurel. Our funky eye care practice offers handpicked, chic eyeglasses, beautiful sunglasses, affordable goggles, and sport-specific products for any Colorado activity.  We have tried to pick as many unique brands as we can get our hands on that align with our values: eco-friendly, U.S. made or designed, and with a give-back philosophy and family-owned story. We want to outfit our patients to rock Colorado outdoor sports, in style.

We also love catering to kids! Edge Optics has the coolest kids’ area in Fort Collins with 80’s videogames, toys, and more! Dr. Bryant is a great eye doctor, and as a dad himself, he knows how to work with kids and does a great job making them comfortable with their eye exam experience. Dr. Usleman also has a knack for reaching a younger demographic and a lot of experience with eye exams for any age or demographic.

Kids receive a complimentary toy and can even get a fun certificate for their first eye exam!

Monday-Friday: 9-6 pm
Saturday: 9-6 pm
Sunday: Closed for rest and adventure

Edge Optics Eye Exams and Unique Eyewear
706 S. College Avenue
Suite 101
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 682-2627

Eye Exam Appointments Available 6 Days a Week!



Mindy Bryant

Owner & Problem Solver

Mindy is a Colorado native. She has visited 13 countries but is always dreaming about the next adventure. She loves reading entrepreneurial books and magazines, the beach, and dancing while cooking. Mindy spends as much time outside as possible, and every morning she hits the trails with her husky Blaze. Her two little boys and husband, Dr. Bryant, fill her heart with joy! Meeting and talking to people make Mindy the happiest….and she has a pair of sunglasses for every outfit. She speaks Spanish and is ready to style you in the perfect frame!


Lynae Dixon

Managing Optician & Insurance Specialist

Lynae is a 6th generation Fort Collins native. She has a knack for numbers and went to college for Medical Billing and Coding. Lynae has been an Optician for 7 years and ABO licensed for 4 years. She knows anything and everything related to Optical. Challenge her! If she doesn’t know the answer (which is less than a 2% chance) she will make sure she figures it out! Lynae is a mama of two beautiful girls, Aubree and Havana, and also a Roller Derby Queen, so she stays pretty busy with activities when she’s not at work. Catch her on the roller rink playing with FoCo Roller Derby as Tsu-Mami!


Justin Ellis

Assistant Managing Optician

Justin moved here from Florida this past year and loves Fort Collins! Justin lives with his yogi girlfriend and their adorable dog, and he enjoys riding his bike to work. He was in the military for several years, went to College in Florida, and is a natural leader. Edge Optics is a fun space for Justin to work because he loves learning new things, and doing all the tech work for patients. Justin is laid-back, kind, genuine, and honest. He cares about his patients and wants to be an Optometrist one day. Justin is ready to help you meet all your optical needs at Edge Optics, and he is a leader on our team!


Max Towlen

Optometric Assistant 

Max is like a super hero mixed with a hyper-smart biomedical engineer (in training). He is a fast learner, and has adapted quickly to optical and everything eye-related! Max is either busy studying biomedical engineering at CSU, playing basketball with friends, or hitting the trails of Colorado. He is another Colorado native, and knows a lot about finding the perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses for the Colorado lifestyle. Max is caring, patient, and thorough. He knows how to make our patients feel comfortable, and has been a big asset to our team.


Colin Payne

Optical Sales Associate

Colin is an outdoor sports enthusiast. He represents CSU on the climbing team and is always hitting the trails. Colin is a badass musician and artist as well. His favorite patients are kids because he loves their silly sense of humor but he can help any patient find the best pair of glasses. Colin is a natural stylist because of his artistic background, and he loves learning new things and meeting people. Colin is from Kansas City but you won’t catch him eating BBQ he is Vegan. Colin is ready to help you get equipped with some eco-friendly or sport-friendly eyewear ASAP!


Lauren Martin

Optometric Assistant

Lauren hails from Chicago and is a Biology Student at Colorado State University. Lauren has dreams of pursuing Optometry in her future as a Doctor! She is the President of the Pre-Optometry Club at CSU. Lauren has impeccable handwriting, and quickly perfected her ability to give the first retinal scans and images at our office for patients before the exam. Lauren is sweet and quiet, but always ready for a laugh and good time! She confidently claimed the pogo stick at our annual Christmas celebration so hopefully she’s not driving her neighbors crazy bouncing around like Tigger when she’s not busy studying. 🙂


Reagan Sherrill

Optical Sales Associate

Reagan is studying International Affairs at Colorado State University, belongs to a Sorority, and lives with 4 other female roommates, where there is more studying than pillow fights (sadly). Reagan loves her family back home but came to CSU from Austin, Texas to spread her wings. She can ride an ATV with the best of them, and loves an adventure! Reagan is the life of the party with her laugh and bright personality. Reagan is smart, dedicated, and dreams of traveling the world someday. Reagan has a knack for merchandising and chooses many of the frames we carry in store. She will give you her honest opinion on glasses, and you will thank her for it!

alex headshot

Alex Rios

Optical Sales Associate

Alex is from Aurora, CO and attends CSU with hopes of pursuing a medical career. Alex plans on being a Physical Therapist or something in a similar field. Alex is caring, smart, and great at styling patients. He has experience in optical and came to our office because he wanted to support a local business that gives back. Alex is always down to have a good time, go on a long hike, or spending hours studying Anatomy and Biology in the library. He loves local food, and trying new things! He also likes to travel and meet people. His smile and sincerity will knock your glasses right off–so be ready for an awesome experience shopping with Alex!


Laura Currier

Optical Sales Associate

Laura hails from Michigan and can be found using the cutest Midwestern terminology. She is very easy to talk to, and will make you feel like the only person in the room. She moved to Colorado with her girlfriend, and the two of them spend every other weekend crashing weddings.  Laura loves a good party, exploring the mountains, and also relaxing at home. Laura’s father is an Ophthalmologist, so she spent much of her life in his eye care clinic. Laura loves wild socks, wine, and meaningful connections.


Eric Martinez

Patient Care Liaison

Eric is a kindhearted, loyal, meticulous dude with a dream of owning his own car-detailing business one day. He can whip up the perfect latte as he has worked as a barista for years. Eric has incredible attention to detail, and a smile on his face from morning til night. Eric is from Fort Morgan, CO and enjoys learning about all the nuances and yummy food FoCo has to offer! Eric is our Patient Liaison and helps every person that walk in feel welcome, and know what to expect with their medical care. Eric can be found cheerfully holding down the front desk should you have any questions!


Eye Exams, Eyeglasses, Contacts, Goggles, Sunglasses…We do it all!! Our business was founded in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2011 by a local husband/wife team, Dr. Mason and Mindy Bryant. The Edge was developed to provide individual attention to every patient at the eye clinic. Edge Optics offers fresh, innovative eyecare and advanced technology in prescription and non-prescription glasses at unbelievably low prices! We also believe in environmental stewardship and provide eco-friendly eyeglasses and sunglasses. We implement environmentally-friendly practices in our business.

Mason and Mindy take full advantage of the wonderful recreation available in the Rocky Mountains. As outdoor sports enthusiasts, they share a passion for being active and testing the best equipment to maximize their adventures.  Our specialized team of opticians and optometric technicians will provide the best, most personalized eye care service. Their fun-loving boys have inspired them to offer high-quality eyewear for kids as well! It is crucial that kids wear sunglasses outdoors and have affordable, protective frames for playing! Our team is eager to spread their enthusiasm for sports and fashion eyewear to patients of all ages and activity levels.

Dr. Mason Bryant started work as a technician in Optical laboratories in Tennessee over 18 years ago. He graduated from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee in 2003. After doing his internship in Colorado Springs, he fell in love with Colorado. Over the last 11 years Dr. Bryant has strived to be the most honest and accurate provider of Optometric care in Fort Collins, Colorado. He also stays on top of the fashion trends and ensures his products are fresh and top-notch. Edge Optics is the coolest Eye Care clinic in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado.

Come experience a new way to see and take your eyes on an adventure!