Dr. Mason Bryant

Optometrist/ Owner

Dr. Mason Bryant graduated from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee in 2003. He developed a passion for Optometry when he suddenly became blind on a camping trip in high school that was caused by a parasite he picked in the water. He was blind for three months and couldn’t pursue his tennis scholarship because he didn’t know when he would regain his sight. Suddenly, one day it returned! He was inspired to change his path to optometry and help make a difference in other people’s lives. After doing his internship in Colorado Springs, he fell in love with this lovely state. The hiking, the biking, the fishing, the fresh air… all of it! He was lucky to secure a position in Fort Collins and over the years Dr. Bryant has worked diligently to be the most honest and accurate provider of optometric care in Northern Colorado.

Dr. B will make a point to learn about your life because he truly cares about his patients lifestyle needs, and their vision concerns. He has made a point to become an expert in contact lenses, mastering the art of finding the right fit for every patient. Please come in for an eye exam to learn more and see what sets us apart from the competition! Dr. Bryant’s dream of growing a dynamic business in a cool town has finally become a reality. Supporting your local practice helps us continue to give back and make a difference in our community!

Dr. Irve Denenberg


Dr. Irve Denenberg is from Detroit, but he has been all over the world when he was a commander in the Navy. Dr. D is a talented chef and gardener, and he loves to travel and eat sushi.