Athletic Eyewear by Edge Optics in Fort Collins


This is a guide to what you will want for a particular sport in your eyewear. Keep in mind that sunglasses and goggles are just as crucial to your attire as padded shorts or a helmet. Our eyes are very precious and without them you can’t hit a sick jump or cruise around a mountain road!


You will require protection from wind, water, and dirt: a wrap-coverage frame that is helmet compatible and with impact-resistant polycarbonate or trivex lenses is ideal. Colorado legally requires eye protection for all riders and passengers!

Consider: WileyX, Julbo, Oakley, SPY+, Halcyon


You will need a lens that can adjust to changing light conditions, a light-weight frame preferably with a wrap, and deep lenses without frame edge. You will have 15- 20% more light transmittance from the grass and sun and would do best to choose a lens with blue, light-amber, brown, or rose tinted lenses.

Brands: Rudy Project, Wiley X, Oakley, SMITH


Avoid a neutral/gray lens as as you need improved overall contrast and chromatic contrast; to suppress or absorb blue light scatter, choose yellow, vermilion, amber, brown, or rose tints.

Brands: WileyX, Oakley, SMITH

FISHING – deep water vs shallow water

Choose lenses that reduce water surface reflections – polarization, anti-reflective treatments, and amber, brown, or orange lenses help see with the best clarity. Hydrophobic lens treatments can help reduce water droplets on the lens that can obstruct your view.

Brands: Maho Shades, Maui Jim, Oakley, SMITH Optics


Helmet-compatible goggles with low light transmittance (snow reflects 85-95% of light), interchangeable lenses or lenses adaptable to changing light conditions, polarized to reduce glare off of bright snow, vented or fan-powered to help reduce fog inside. If you need vision correction while doing snow-sports, consider a simple universal rx goggle insert!!

Our favorites:  ZEAL Optics, Oakley, Blenders, SPY+


Needs wind, water, and dirt protection, wrap frame, changing light conditions, helmet compatible-thin temples, hydrophobic coatings, polarized to reduce road glare

Brands: Rudy Project: kerosene, Julbo-dirt, Oakley, etc.

WATER SPORTS – boating/kayaking/etc

Polarized lenses are a MUST in order to see through the glare of the sun on the water above and below the surface. Hydrophobic lenses help repel water droplets. A float-able frame can help you keep track of your glasses in the event of them going over-board, or float-able Croakies are a great add-on!

Brands: Oakley, Dragon H2O line, Maui Jim


Light-weight and slip-resistant (even when sweaty!) are often the most important features to habitual runners! Adequate venting to reduce sweat and fog, frames with a tight fit or a strap option, and lenses that change to variable light conditions are also great things to consider.

Brands: Julbol, ZEAL, Oakley, SPY+, Goodr


Water-tight flexible seals are a must and many prefer a wider field of view. Lens treatments are available on custom rx orders to help reduce fogging.

Options: 3M press-on rx, prescription inserts, OTC rx swim goggles and customize-able prescription dive masks are available

BALL SPORTS – tennis, baseball, raquetball

Needs impact-resistant eye protection like polycarbonate or trivex
Be mindful of your lens color options for your sport! Working under natural sunshine, baseball players could benefit from grey, brown, green, or even yellow-orange lenses depending on cloud coverage. The French open used a blue tint to make the bright green ball stand out; indoor sports like raquetball needs light amber, yellow or clear lenses.

Brands: Spokiz, Zeal, Oakley, etc


Needs goggle protection from dirt, water, wind, hydrophobic, anti-fog, helmet compatible, impact-resistance

Brands: Oakley and SPY+ make motorcycle goggles!


For high-altitude sports we want the darkest lenses possible to reduce the glare off of snow and the large amount of UV exposure at these elevations. Side shields can help protect eyes from excess light and sharp, dry winds. Mirrored lenses provide the lowest light transmittance options.

Brands: Julbo, Oakley, SMITH, SPY+


The sensitive eyes of children should be adequately protected from UVA/UVB any time they are outside! Impact-resistant lenses like polycarbonate or Trivex are the best options for accident-prone kiddos, *just in case*!

Brands: Eyes cream shades, Julbo, Oakley