Why prescription sunglasses

There are many options for people who need sun protection as well as a corrective prescription, like clip-ons or wearing contact lenses under your regular sunglasses, but these options may not be ideal for everybody.  If you suffer from dry eyes or are sensitive to bright light, a pair of prescription sunglasses can be the exact thing that you need so that you don't find yourself fumbling with extra accessories or having to keep taking off and on your sunglasses all day.  We can choose a lens color that is perfect for your lifestyle and for the health of your particular eyes, we can make prescription lenses polarized for added protection or those with extra sensitive eyes, and we can make prescription sunglasses transition too, so you don't have to switch glasses indoors and outdoors.  Whatever you choose, you know they'll be perfect as we will help get you fitted in the perfect pair and lens combo for you!

Alternatives to Prescription Sunglasses we Provide

Long-term UV damage from the sun can cause cataracts to the lens of the eye, cancers of the thin eyelid skin or the delicate structures within the eyeball itself, macular degeneration of the retina, or in cases of excessive UV exposure such as from tanning beds or increased UV exposure due to higher elevations the cornea can also get sunburned.  Cataracts are the most common cause of treatable blindness around the world; cataracts and these other health problems of the eye can be caught early with routine eye exams.  76% of adults admit to not making their children wear sunglasses when out and about in the sunshine - Edge Optics has a great selection of children's and young adult frames to choose from at prices as low as $20 for 100%-UV protection, polarized lenses!

So what are your options for sunglasses if you also require a prescription to correct your vision or astigmatism?

  1. Edge Optics offers many fashionable traditional sunglasses to wear over your regular prescription contact lenses
  2. We can easily have your customized prescription placed into a stylish frame of your choice - we have many brands of sunglasses available prescription-ready
  3. We can have custom magnetic clip-ons created to seamlessly attach to your regular prescription eyeglasses
  4. Prescription photochromic lenses are available and quickly transition to a darker tint outdoors (we can also do a polarized tint for added protection!), even behind the windshield of a car!

With so many options, there really is no reason to not protect your valuable eyesight.  Stop in today and we can discuss options and your lifestyle to find what will suit you the best!

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