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Edge Optics offers the latest and greatest in current eye wear trends.
Some of the brands we’ll carry for our Fort Collins Fashionistas:

Here are some expert tips for finding the perfect frame for you!

Edge Optics’ guide to enhancing your appearance with the right type of eyewear:

Consider these important things:


Well-balanced or Oval Shaped Face (top half and bottom of face are balanced): Any style looks good on this face shape except extreme geometric designs with sharp angles. You are lucky! :) Glasses for Oval Face
Rounded Face: Add some length and slim your face with a square frame. Make sure the frame is slightly wider than your face to balance it out. Glasses for Round Face

Heart-Shaped Face: Try to make the forehead appear narrower by using a frame that is round at the top and square at the bottom. An aviator or cat-eye frame would be perfect for you!

Glasses for Heart Shaped Face

Long, narrow Face: Shorten the face and add some width by keeping the frame within the borders of the face. This will make it appear wider. Also, an oversized frame will balance out the length. Think large round frames or a tighter wrap frame.

Glasses for Long Narrow Face

2) Hair Color

Red-haired: Avoid red, orange and yellow! This is true for clothing too.
Gray/white haired: Avoid brown at ALL costs! Use rose, pale blue or gray
Blonde: Green looks the best! White sunglasses look awesome on blondes. Otherwise, any color works for blondes for the most part.
Brown/Black: Can pretty much wear most colors too except these hair colors look best in a pop of color or a tortoise frame.

3) Skin Color

Fair Complexion: Can wear almost any color
Olive: Avoid yellow or green. Pink, red or amber looks great!
Yellow: Avoid yellow, gold or green. Use pink, brown red or amber-like the olive toned wearers
Pink: If you have pink undertones, then avoid wearing pink, red or orange. Stick with cool colors. Also good with cool browns.
Gray: Avoid black, gray, brown or metallic. Use pink, green or amber.

4) Personal Style

Basically, this is just a reminder to pay attention to the latest trends but don’t take this too far!! If you are an older person...please DO NOT attempt to emulate the same style as high school kids. If you have never worn ophthalmic frames and suddenly have a prescription—think about the message you would like to portray. Eyeglasses can change the way we view others. Find your personal style and bring along a friend or family member to purchase a new frame if necessary. Here is an example of how a frame can completely change your style and how we perceive each other:

Celebrity Eyewear Frames

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