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Most Insurances Accepted, including Vision Service Plan, Medicare and Medicaid!

Our Eye Exams are top notch! Dr. Mason Bryant has been practicing in Fort Collins as an Optometrist for over 11 years and has a lot of experience diagnosing vision changes, eye diseases, viruses, and infections. He also received his Optometry degree at a prestigious private Optometry school called Southern College University which gave him valuable clinical experience before moving to Colorado to begin his externship.

Primary Eye Exam

This is a comprehensive eye exam to evaluate your eye health and achieve optimal visual performance. It will include detection for anterior and posterior eye disease as well as the surrounding eye anatomy evaluating for conditions like Glaucoma, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, Melanoma, Retinal Detachment, etc. We will check for systemic diseases and disorders that show up in the eye (High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, high cholesterol, etc). Treatments may include nutritional counseling. The exam also offers an inspection for eye misalignment, binocular depth issues, and color vision problems. We provide a refraction to give our patients optimal vision for sports or the work environment. A prescription is included for any eyeglasses, sunglasses, contacts or goggles that may improve your vision.

Contact Lens Evaluation

This service is a comprehensive evaluation for the use of contact lenses and the optimization of visual performance. We will provide an exterior eye health and curvature evaluation to fit each individual with the best contact possible. Lifestyle needs are matched to current contact lens technology. Trial contact lenses are provided for accurate fitting and real world needs. Follow up exams are included to finalize the evaluation process.

Office Visit

This is a focused examination for any particular patient problem or concern. This may include eye health evaluation, foreign body removal, glaucoma checkup, identification of floating objects, etc. The charges for this exam may correlate with the extent of the examination; therefore, a more involved visit will require more time and be billed at a higher rate. These visits are designed to alleviate your eye health issues in the best way possible.

LASIK Consultations!

Pre and Post-Operation LASIK Services

Whether or not LASIK is right for your eyes can only be determined by a thorough LASIK examination which should include multiple scans of your eye to map your exact vision characteristics. The entire eye consultation takes about 90 minutes and allows you and Dr. Bryant to make an informed decision about your vision. We administer one of the most in-depth eye examination processes in the region; because we know the best way we can assure you a successful outcome is by making sure that you’re the perfect LASIK candidate in the first place.

No two eyes are the same. The thickness of your cornea, the health of your eye, the amount of refractive error, and the effects of aging, all play a part in determining whether your eyes are well-suited for LASIK. You can’t guess at these things and neither can the doctor. You both have to take the time to find out for sure and it’s time well-invested.
Dr. Bryant will also provide the post-operation examination to ensure the LASIK procedure was successful and everything looks great! Dr. Bryant will guide you through the quick recovery. 

Also, we give a FREE PAIR OF SUNGLASSES to our LASIK patients!! We want you to protect your eyes from the harsh sun after surgery, and always. It's crucial to maintaining your new, amazing RX! 

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