Business Member Vision Plan

Improve your employee compensation and benefit package for no cost to you! Join Edge's FREE Business Member Vision Plan!

Call 970.682.2627 or email for more info!

  • Comprehensive eye examination for visual health and optimal vision clarity -- Only a Small Copay!
  • Contact lens evaluation and free trial pair of contacts -- Only a Small Copay!
  • 10% Off ANY purchase of contact lenses
  • 20% Off ANY purchase of eye glasses, safety glasses or sun glasses
  • 20% Off eye medical events (like infections and injuries)
  • Provide fashionable and state of the art safety eyewear for your employees.
  • Provide medical care for on the job injuries, infections, etc.
  • Provide discounted premium eye care for your employees.
  • Provide discounted fashion eyewear for your employees and yourself.
  • Provide discounted contact lens evaluations and contact lens purchases.
  • Help maintain the health of your office with preventative care.
  • Improve your worker’s efficiency and productivity.

Note this is not insurance. This is an exclusive agreement to provide vision care for participating members at a discounted rate. The agreement will stay in affect for one year, after which it can be renewed.

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