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This is a guide to what you will want for a particular sport in your eyewear. Keep in mind that sunglasses and goggles are just as crucial to your attire as padded shorts or a helmet. Our eyes are very precious and without them you can’t hit a sick jump or cruise around a mountain road.

Motorcycle enthusiasts-

You will require protection from wind, water, and dirt: a wrap-coverage frame that is helmet compatible and with Polycarbonate lenses. This is the Colorado regulation for eye protection.
Brands offered: Wiley X, Julbo, Oakley


You will need a frame that can adjust to changing light conditions, that is light-weight, preferably with a wrap and deep lenses without frame edge. You will have 15- 20% more light transmittance from the grass and sun and would be best with blue, light-amber, brown, or rose tinted lenses.
Brands: Rudy Project, Wiley X, Oakley

Hunting/Shooting sports

Needs improved contrast and chromatic contrast, suppress or absorb blue light scatter-yellow, vermillion, amber, brown, rose tints; avoid grey-neutral filter.

Brands: Wiley X-Romer ii, talon, Oakley

Cycling/Mountain Biking

Needs wind, water, and dirt protection, wrap frame, changing light conditions, helmet compatible-thin temples, hydrophobic coatings, polarized to reduce road glare

Brands: Rudy Project: kerosene, Julbo-dirt, Oakley, etc.


Needs bright sun and variable light conditions, grey, brown, amber tints, impact resistance

Brands: Rudy project, Zeal Optics-Slingshot, Julbo Rookie(kids), Oakley


Needs reduced water surface reflections-polarized, A/R, amber, brown, orange- absorbs blue light, hydrophobic

Brands: Zeal optics, Wiley X, Oakley, etc.


Needs helmet compatible, good coverage-wrap frame, low light transmittance, snow reflects 85-95% of light, changing light conditions, polarized to reduce glare-some may not like changes with head positions, anti-fog

Brands: Rudy project, Zeal optics, Julbo, Oakley


Needs very light weight, tight fit or strap, hydrophobic, changing light conditions

Brands:Julbo-trail, Zeal Slingshot, Oakley, etc.


Needs polarized to reduce surface reflections, hydrophobic, strap- floating, aqua goggle

Brands: Zeal swapit, Spokiz, Julbo Sailor, Oakley, etc.


Needs impact eye protection-poly, hydrophobic, neutral tints-no color alteration-grey, green, French open used a blue tint to make green ball stand out; indoor use needs amber, yellow or clear tint, A/R

Brands: Spokiz, Zeal, Oakley, etc


Needs water tight goggle of mask, rx’able, full field, anti fog

Brands: Sporti, Oakley, 3m press on rx for dive masks


Needs low light transmittance, side shields, strap, total uv protection, mirrored coat

Brands: Julbo Monterosa, Dolgan, Montebianco, Oakley, etc.

Dirt Bike

Needs goggle protection from dirt, water, wind, hydrophobic, anti fog, helmet compatible, polycarbonate

Brands: Fox, Wiley X, Zeal, Oakley


Needs uv protection, safety lenses-polycarbonate or Trivex

Brands: Eyes cream shades, Julbo, Oakley

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